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Got Kids in College? Better Get Insurance.

Understanding the different options for sending your kids to college with proper insurance coverage.

Homeowners Insurance

  • Kids are covered against theft and other common hazards

  • Are covered even if they are living far from home in a college dormitory

  • Deductibles tend to fall around $1,000 and higher

  • Claims impact next year's insurance rate

  • *College kid's primary residence is still the parent's home and under 24 years old

Renter's Insurance

  • Premium is inexpensive in most cases, average costs are around $150 to $200 per year

  • Generally about $10,000 in personal possessions coverage

  • Have lower deductibles, usually $500, that are more appropriate for college students


Driving a car to college

  • If the parents still own the car the student is driving, then parents are still responsible for it

  • If the car is in a new location rather than at the parents' residence, the car owners must notify the insurance carrier

  • Be sure to add your child to the list of authorized drivers

Going to college without a Car

  • Sending your kid to school without a car may be an ideal option, as well

  • Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft is making it easier and more economical to function without a car

  • Talk to your college student about using ride sharing services or taxis when going out drinking


Health Insurance

  • Under the Affordable Care Act, parents are generally entitled to keep full-time students on their own policies until the age of 26

  • College health plan coverage is typically more limited.

  • For example, many of these plans limit catastrophic coverage to $50,000 per accident or illness

  • If your health plan is a health maintenance organization (HMO) or preferred provider organization (PPO), take a look at the available network of care providers is a must

  • To make sure there are approved in-network providers near the college campus


"College is a step in kids road to success. Embrace the change and relish the experience."


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